Latvijas Gāze participates in the Baltic Gas Market Forum

On 30 November of this year, the 15th Baltic Natural Gas Market Forum was held, which this year was organised by the Public Utilities Commission (PUC). These traditional regional meetings bring together energy regulators, market participants and policy makers from the Baltics, Finland, Sweden and Poland.

Forum participants discussed various topical natural gas market issues, including the latest developments in the Baltic natural gas market, the situation with natural gas supply in the Baltic states, the results and flows of GIPL capacity auctions, a new approach to capacity reservation for Kiemenai IP, the operation of LNG terminals in Estonia and Finland, the potential of hydrogen, as well as supplier and trader challenges.

Participating in the forum, Latvijas Gāze Member of the Board Egīls Lapsalis highlighted the difficulties faced by traders and consumers of natural gas in dynamic market conditions. In his address, E. Lapsalis drew attention to the shortcomings of the compensation mechanism, which place the public trader – Latvijas Gāze – in a worse position than other traders.

The forum gathered more than 100 participants, including regulators, ministries, natural gas transmission operators and traders from the Baltic states.

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