Latvijas Gāze obtains the gold category in the Sustainability Index

Latvijas Gāze has demonstrated an understanding of responsible, ethical and sustainable entrepreneurship, obtaining the gold category in the Sustainability Index 2022 in its first year participating.

The compliance of companies was assessed by analysing the submitted performance data in various areas of sustainability, such as employee wellbeing, environmental protection, corporate governance, investment in community development, and more. Publicly available data, attitude towards customers and partners, contribution to the development of the industry and future plans for sustainability were also analysed.

Latvijas Gāze participated in the Sustainability Index for the first time and therefore we are very pleased with the high rating - Gold category. We pay close attention to sustainability issues by caring for our employees, customers, business partners and implementing transparent corporate governance. Participation in the Sustainability Index is very valuable for every company, it will give us additional incentives and knowledge about what we need to pay more attention to and which areas need to be developed to make our business even more sustainable,” says Jeļena Labanovska, Head of Marketing at Latvijas Gāze.

This year, the minimum threshold of the Sustainability Index was exceeded by 78 organizations - companies, state and municipal institutions, etc., one in five of which participated in this assessment for the first time. Although many long-term participants in this assessment managed to improve their performance, the overall performance of participants remained at the previous year's level of 79.5%.

The Sustainability Index is an internationally recognized tool for assessing the level of corporate responsibility and sustainability of organizations in five different areas - strategy, market relations, work environment, environment and society - with the aim of helping them to grow and improve.

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